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New Revenue Potential

Hi, Readers. If you are looking for the Revenue Journal, you’ve come to the right place. I wrote Revenue Journal from 2004 to 2014, and felt it was time for a refresh and a refocusing on revenue opportunities – how you can find them and take full advantage of them. So welcome to my new blog, New Revenue Potential. Enjoy. – KZ

Getting onto the short list

When the Web first emerged as a commerce platform, everyone thought, “Wow – a way to reach customers directly!” Which was true, sort of. It’s still a clumsy and intrusive business. Even (and perhaps especially) the more recent “retargeted” advertising method,... read more

Are you an ember?

I have happily followed a strict business rule for a long time: I don’t work with jerks. I’ve recently added a new one: I don’t work with embers. I am not in the business of fanning embers in the hopes they will spring into flames. If the flame isn’t already there... read more

How to Beat Your Enemies

In your business life, you encounter several types of enemies. There are competitors, who are fighting for the same customers you’re going after, coming up against you in deals, telling those customers all about your weaknesses, and doing their best to “position”... read more


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